Adrian Salsgiver Veritas

Veritas Campaign Questionnaire

Introduction Questions

- Please introduce yourself?

My name is Adrian Salsgiver, the Libertarian candidate for Ward 3 DC Council in Washington DC.

- Why did you decide to run for public office?

My Twitter account was permanently suspended "Specifically, for: Violating our policy on spreading misleading and potentially harmful information related to COVID-19." for posting: "@postlocal There is a war on humanity. Forcing a kid to wear a face diaper is child abuse. It is a war crime. #depopulation #control #covid #tyranny". This caused me to be very angry and frustrated because it is clearly child abuse to force a kid to wear a filthy nasty face diaper.

On a recent Sunday morning after the TV news, In Touch with Dr. Charles Stanley came on and he was talking about the book of Matthew and how it says things about harming children. It was then I decided to run for public office, to get my message out, to fight the face diaper child abuse and to work to end covid tyranny.

- What are the responsibilities associated with the position you are campaigning for?

The Council has abdicated most of its responsibility to the Mayor. I will work to return the power to the people. Constituent services are very important to a Councilmember and I will make sure to get the right people together to get things done.

- What experience (elected or unelected) do you possess that qualifies you for this office?

In the 1980s I helped Councilmember Carol Schwartz and learned about the workings of District government. I've kept up with what's going on by working for and being friendly with candidates for public office and elected officials including Councilmembers and Area Neighborhood Commissioners. As a cannabis and liberty activist I like to circulate petitions and talk politics, so I have already heard most people's concerns.

- Should you get elected, what are the top three priorities you would advocate for?

I will work with my colleagues on the DC Council to end all so-called covid restrictions and make sure they never return. I will work diligently to stop the next rounds of violence that may be imposed on the people.

The Mayor has been putting the homeless into luxury apartments without any mental health services. This increases crime and is very disruptive to everybody except her. I will work with my fellow Councilmembers to find solutions.

Many people, especially seniors and veterans, are suffering in the Big Pharma death cult when all they really need is a little marijuana. I will work for safe access to marijuana, including making sure there are plenty of dispensaries and so-called Initiative 71 compliant gift shops in Ward 3. We must work together to stop the violence.

Policy-related Questions

- How would you describe yourself politically?

Libertarian and experienced. A clear and present danger to the Power Elite, the New World Order, and the Great Reset.

Klaus Schwab, Enemy of Humanity

- A NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist National Poll released on September 8th, 2022 reported that: "Inflation (30%) is the number-one voting issue for Americans . . .With 62% of Americans saying they think the U.S. economy is in a recession, it is not surprising that economic issues are driving the political dialogue." If elected, how would you combat economic difficulties?

I would battle economic difficulties by encouraging people to learn to get away from government. Trade goods and services without government interference. Use Bitcoin and silver when you can.

- DC is facing numerous crises (housing, public transit, affordability, etc.) what power does this office have to tackle these issues?

The Council has the power to combat these issues but they have given this power up to the Mayor. I would work to take back the power and give it to the people.

- What is your stance on abortion and access to reproductive care?

Birth control needs to be more easily available. Morality cannot be legislated.

- Do you support DC statehood? If yes, how would this be achieved?

We must first stop everybody from giving the federal government any money. No taxation without representation. The Federal Reserve prints up enough money to fund all functions of government. This causes inflation, a form of theft. Taxation is just another form of theft. Maybe Congress will want Statehood for DC if they can get the control and money back.

- How do you differentiate yourself from your opponent(s)?

I'm the Libertarian, the peace candidate. My opponents are members of the war parties, a Democrat and a Republican.

- What policies do you support that would specifically benefit young people?

I would start by ending covid tyranny at all schools and universities and work to stop the arrests of young people for crimes that are really crimes of government.

- Will you accept the results of your election, regardless of outcome?

Yes, unless the DC Board of Elections does not reveal how many votes I received.

Wrap Up Questions

- What would you say to youth who want to get involved in politics?

Circulate petitions and talk with people. Go to meetings, conferences and seminars and always dress nice, look and act like you belong there.

- Who has influenced you the most as a person?

Dr. Ron Paul

- What's one thing you want voters to know about you?

My over 50 years experience in politics has made me uniquely qualified.

Adrian at Ron Paul conference September 9, 2017

Dr. Ron Paul and Adrian Salsgiver, September 9, 2017